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Last Thursday we went to Riga to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday. I think the last time I was there was about 2 years ago?! It’s been a while. When we started our little voyage the weather was very gray and a little rainy even. I was quite freaked out because I had packed only one semi-warm jacket with me. But the closer we got to Riga, the warmer it got. We ended-up having beach weather the whole weekend. Yay!

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This is actually my hangry face. Sneaky. 👆🏽👀

On Friday morning we went to Index cafe for breakfast. It’s 5-min walk from Radisson Blu Conference & Spa. I ordered cottage cheese pancakes w/ sour cream & jam. DROOL. After that we drove to Jurmala and basically spent the day there. Ofcourse we couldn’t stay away from shopping malls that were on our trajectory. So little pit-stops here and there were a must.

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Picked up a little treat for the evening. 🖤

…and here it is – a dress from Sandro! [HERE] I was pleasently surprised to see Sandro and Maje stores in Riga. [Shopping mall Spice] I always end up leaving these stores with a little sumthin’-sumthin’.


It’s actually a simple black dress but the thing is I usually don’t go for that deep cut. That’s why I decided to keep everything else as minimal as possible. I paired it with LV Silver Light Sandals [HERE], Saint Laurent Classic Kate bag and red lips. Oh, and the biggest accessory of the picture – cotton candy sunset.

For our last breakfast in Riga I found the cutest little cafe – Mr.Fox! It’s also very close to Radisson Blu Conference & Spa. First of all, I loved the interior! Obviously! I’ve been obsessed with banana leaf print since Dolce & Gabbana came out with it couple years ago. It gives such an instagram-cafe type of look to this place. 😄 And their food was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! Such a wide (& healthy) selection – smoothie bowls, avocado toasts, buckwheat waffles, porridge, oat pancakes etc, etc. If you’re in the area definitely check it out!

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Next post will be about a beauty tip I can’t live without!



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Heeeeey! Did you miss me? Because I missed you! ❤️

Somewhere in June I went to Visby, Gotland with my family. I decided not to make a post immidiately as I had made one just recently. But now I think it’s about time to share what I captured!
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We were so lucky to have a sunny day meanwhile it was raining heavily in Tallinn. Tim (my bf) was rather busy in the morning, so my mom, my sister and I decided to head out to the city and find a place to eat breakfast. I knew exactly where I wanted to go (Josbaren) but unfortunately the season hadn’t started yet, quite many places were still closed. So for brekkie we picked this cute little cafe named Ka:feit. Lovvved the interior! Food was alright.

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All full and good to go we started our old town stroll. Basically it consisted of taking pictures with every rose bush on that island, passing by local shops, eating ice cream and laughing until it hurt. My mom, my sister and I have a very close relationship. It’s always such a blast with these two! We have so many inside jokes that we are 24/7 laughing when together. So if you were on the island at the same time and heard some people being really loud – probably us, SORRY. 😄

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Outfit details:

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Blouse – Gina Tricot

Pants – Zara

Sandals – Kurt Geiger

Sunnies – Quay

Bag – Saint Laurent (Classic Kate tassel in black suede, small)

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If you go to the island with Tallink’s charter cruise then you’ve got 8 hours to wander around. It seems like a long time but it goes so fast! For dinner we decided to go for seafood. Last year we wanted to have dinner in this seafood restaurant called Bakfickan but it was fully booked. But not this time! We were able to get a table and it was totally worth the wait! Fresh seafood heaven!

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On our way back to the ship we passed by an ice cream factory (which is a MUST!) and treated ourselves with a little dessert.

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It was such a fun day! Being able to spend time with your close ones truly is a blessing! ❤️


COMFORT FIRST: Hoodie + blazer


Black, white, gray – that’s everything I need for my summer wardrobe. And a little bit of blue denim ofcourse. For some reason I’ve been gravitated towards those basic colors. All you’ve got to do is mix different shades, textures & cuts. I decided to go with blazers-over-hoodies kind of look. It’s such a fun way to dress up your casual-comfy outfit.

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The jewel of the outfit is this Saint Laurent hoodie which was a theft from my boyfriend’s closet. Well, actually he didn’t want it anymore and I’m all about that oversized look. Problem solved, haha. Unfortunately it’s a runway piece and not available anymore. But you can always use some other cool hoodie with a cheeky line or a symbol or with something that just stands out.

I also wanted to give a shout-out to these Zara jeans that I scored last week from sales. They are so edgy, I can’t even… love them! Such cool detailing. I managed to find them on Zara’s website aswell, so check them out down below!


Hoodie – Saint Laurent (runway piece, not available anymore, sorry guys)

Blazer – Zara (similar HERE)

Jeans – Zara (HERE)

Sneakers – Miu Miu (HERE)

Bag – Primark (similar HERE)

Sunglasses – Tom Ford (HERE)




With love,






It’s been waaay toooo looong! But I have an excuse and it’s a decent one! Last week when I was watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” my laptop just crashed. Maybe it was some kind of a sign that I shouldn’t be watching it, haha. As I was saying, my laptop just blacked out and decided not to work. It freaked me out because I’ve had it for like 1,5 years only and I’ve barely used it. Long story short – updates were undone. I kept postponing them and I got the result. So, pleaaaaase, learn from my mistake and always do them immidiately.

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Let’s make a smooth change of topic, shall we? Lately I’ve been really into home decor and it’s fun because there’s so much to discover for me as I’ve never been interested in that field. That makes me look our home now in a totally different way ofcourse. I figured that new couch would be nice but new table would be just necessary. So until I’m hunting down that perfect couch and a table to compliment that couch, I decided to do something about it. I don’t even know if there is such verb in a dictionary but this is what I did – I marbleized my living room table.


There are so many tutorials all over the internet, so I’m not going to take credit for the idea. Also, I’m going to put it out here that I am not that crafty person who makes living cats out of wood. So keep in mind that this doesn’t need ANY kind of special skills. Oh, and this whole project cost me like €8 and just because my table is huuuge. For any normal size table it would be €4-5 max.

I also made a little time-lapse video of me marbleizing. (CLICK HERE)


Here is what you need for this instagram perfect table:

✔️ Marble-printed contact paper (I got mine from K-Rauta – HERE)

✔️ Scissors

✔️ Credit card/membership card

Step 1: Clean the surface of your table/stool and make sure it’s as smooth as it can get. This prevents appearing of the bubbles.

Step 2: Start applying your contact paper. Slowly, carefully, precisely. Use a plastic card to get rid of the bubbles.

Step 3: VOILÀ! YOU’RE DONE! That’s how easy it was!

Mine turned out like this:



Hope you enjoyed it!