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“What do you do with your teeth? They’re insanely white!” – is one of the most frequent questions I get. To be honest I’m actually blessed with naturally white teeth. However I do like my coffee. So, I need to take an extra step to keep them white and bright!

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For about 5 months now I’ve been using Teeth Whitening Kit by Smileo (HERE). I know that there are many different companies selling all kinds of products to get that beautiful white smile but what I like about Smileo is that it’s an Estonian company selling products that work really well while still being organic & cruelty-free!

Smileo offers 3 different products: Charcoal Whitening (HERE), 3D Whitening Strips (HERE) and Teeth Whitening Kit (HERE). In my opinion they all work really well, it’s just a matter of preferance. I like The Kit just because it’s comfortable to use and it doesn’t leave a mess. The Kit’s effectiveness is based on UV light technology, which is one of the most popular dental procedures. 

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How to use it:

1. Make sure your teeth are clean.

2. Attach the mouth tray to the LED light.

3. Apply the gel on the mouth tray (top & bottom).

4. Place the mouth tray in your mouth between your up and bottom teeth.

5. Turn on the LED light.

6. Wait 10 minutes.

7. Remove the mouth tray.

8. Rinse your mouth.

9. Separate the mouth tray of the LED light and wash the mouth tray.

(Repeat once a day, for 7 days!)

It’s such an easy way to get rid of those coffee stains. I’m always quite skeptical about products that promise quick results. So, I always do my research. And I’m here to say – approved! 😀


Because the company is based here in Estonia you don’t have to worry about high shipping costs, custom fees, taxes etc. Their prices are very affordable. But I still managed to sort out a discount code! Yay! A little disclaimer: I’m not earning anything from the sales, it’s just for you guys!

Using the code “muurja10” gives you 10% OFF on all Smileo products! (HERE)

Enjoy your Sunday! xx

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Season change also brings a change to my beauty rituals. As the weather has gotten a lot colder, my skin has been acting out and showing me that it’s time to ditch mattifying products and start using moisturizing ones.

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People who have followed me for a while might remember a blog post where I was reviewing different products by Sampure Minerals (HERE). Their mineral powder foundation (HERE) is still one of my holy grail products! But it works for my skin only during Spring-Summer. 

Therefore I’m SO happy they finally came out with a Mineral Liquid Foundation (HERE) which means I’m all set for Fall-Winter! Perfect timing!

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I’ve been using it for 5 weeks now and to be honest I’ve had mixed feelings about it. At first I hated it. I thought it was one of the worst foundations I had ever tried. It didn’t blend at all leaving me with patchy and uneven skin. I actually thought about calling it off, this whole collaboration.

But finally I figured out what I was doing wrong – I was applying too much product! Once I realized that, my opinion changed completely. This foundation actually works so well and has such a beautiful & natural finish! Light coverage but easy to build up. It doesn’t clog the pores and when wearing it for 14 hours in a row, you don’t feel like “omg, I can’t wait to wash off my makeup.” Also I think it works very well with Instant Glow Mineral setting powder (HERE) as it makes the skin even smoother!

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Here are some tips to get a good base:

✔️ Start with well moisturized skin. This is without saying the most important step!

✔️ Remember to shake the product.

✔️ Use a flat top kabuki brush or something similar. Beauty blenders/sponges don’t work because it’s an oil based foundation & sponges are all about water. Oil and water don’t mix as you know.

✔️ Don’t apply too much! Trust me on this! 😁

✔️ Use Sampure Minerals setting powder. It sets the foundation and gives you a beautiful & natural finish!

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PS! Using the code “maarjabrenner” gets you 20% OFF from all Sampure Minerals full-priced items when ordering from!


For my Estonian followers: Soovitan minna sel nädalavahetusel (11.-13.10) Ilumessile ja otsida üles Pure Cosmetics’i boks, sest siis saab tooteid oma silmaga näha, uudistada ja katsetada! 😉