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I’m not going to lie – when Philips reached out to me asking if I was interested in trying out their new Sonicare Diamondclean Smart toothbrush, I said yes immediately! 

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Why? My boyfriend has been using it for a year now. Our dentist swore by it, so he had to get it and he’s been lovvvving it to say the least. I also know that these toothbrushes in general are very popular but for some reason I never even thought about changing out my OG toothbrush. It was working for me. Kinda.

So, I knew that my new toothbrush was on its way and I started noticing that everyone I know uses electric toothbrushes. What? Everyone I visited, every friend I talked to – they were all hooked and they told me that once I try it, I will never go back to my regular one. I was so excited and couldn’t wait for my package to arrive!

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…and they were right! I didn’t even know how much easier and effective that whole process can be. Even though I brush my teeth quite carefully, I don’t always follow the 2-Minute Rule. But this toothbrush does it for me! It stops after 2 mins to let you know that your brushing session is done!

I think for me the biggest difference between a regular toothbrush and Philips Sonicare Diamondwhite Smart is the end result. You can actually feel how clean your teeth are! So polished and shiny!

Another great thing about this particular model is the whole connect-it-to-your-smartphone part & keep track on your brushing habits. Sonicare App shows you which areas to focus on; reminds you to brush, rinse, clean your tongue & use mouthwater; tells you when to change your brush head + gives you a lot of helpful information about oral hygiene in general!

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If you’re a rookie like I was, here are couple of tips for you:

  • Turn on your toothbrush once it’s already in your mouth. Otherwise toothpaste will fly everywhere before you can even start brushing.
  • If you are trying it out for the first time, make sure to use it on “Low.” Otherwise the intensity can be too strong. I’ve always been a fan of soft toothbrushes, so “Low” will always be my preferance.
  • Don’t use “Whitening” mode everyday. It can make your teeth sensitive. 2 times a week will work just fine.

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I’ve been blessed with a good set of teeth and I plan to give them the best care I can. I know that some people might think that this toothbrush is bit of a splurge but I see it more as an investment to a healthier set of teeth and a great smile. Totally worth the money!




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There are so many awesome products out there that finding the right ones can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why brand/product reviews are so useful. I rarely buy beauty treats without a proper research. This way I don’t waste money on things that aren’t worth it.

When I write reviews I ALWAYS give you guys my honest opinion. Even with paid collaborations – if I don’t like the product, I will write that aswell. Just a little disclaimer. Anyways, if you’re interested to know my thoughts on 6 different Löwengrip products then keep on reading! Read More»

Löwengrip is a Swedish brand, created by blogger and entrepreneur Isabella Löwengrip. The brand offers top quality products that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and scalp. Practical but beautiful, with instant and sustainable results – all developed by leading chemists and produced in Sweden using environmentally friendly production methods.They test only on humans to guarantee an honest product that is 100% cruelty-free.

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Löwengrip Dry Shampoo: It gives me so much volume and texture! When using, make sure to brush your hair properly. You don’t want to have dusty greyish result. I think this product is better for blondes because it does leave a white cast. For me it’s a good thing though. My roots are quite dark when they’re outgrown, so that kind of dry shampoo helps me lighten them a bit. 😉

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Löwengrip Deodorant: I found my ride or die stick over 9 years ago and haven’t used anything else ever since. With heavy heart (haha) I decided to try out Löwengrip “Count On Me” deodorant and it turned out to be a very pleasant experience – at first sticky (which made me regret trying it out) but very soon it dried and I completely forgot about it. Worked very well for my 17h busy day + I loved the scent!

Löwengrip Facial Cleanser: I’ve tried one other facial cleanser from Löwengrip aswell and honestly both of them worked very well with my sensitive skin. After washing my face, I always use micellar water afterwards. This way it’s easy to spot how well the cleanser actually works. Löwengrip Cell Renewal Facial Cleanser removed my makeup very decently. I also enjoyed the gel-like texture and the pleasant scent. Definitely thumbs up!

Löwengrip Silver Shampoo & Löwengrip Silver Conditioner: First of all, I was a bit skeptical because both of these products have deep purple colour. In my haircare routine I usually use either silver shampoo or silver conditioner. Not both. Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson. Back in the days my bestie & I were using those cheap silver shampoos from Russia and we always used too much & left it on for too long. We just wanted to have that perfect cold blonde. Reality: we over did it & had light blue hair instead. 😄 Löwengrip Silver shampoo & conditioner were such a pleasent surprise though! They worked so-so well even on dry & bleached stack of hay leaving me with soft, voluminous & cold toned hair. I highly recommend!

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Löwengrip Hand Balm: One of those products that’s 100% worth buying! Obviously the most important is the product inside the tube but I must say the packaging was the first thing that caught my eye – it looks very luxurious! Hand cream itself is thick & moisturizing with a divine scent!

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These products are all available at Apotheka Beauty online store (HERE) and also in their recently opened store in T1 which is definitely one of the prettiest ones in Tallinn! I really like the concept where pharmacy isn’t immidiately associated with diseases & medication but rather with beauty & health. When buying products from a pharmacy for some reason I blindly trust what they have – carefully picked brands which are good for all skin types. Even for the most capricious one!

I wish you guys “Merry Everything & Happy Always!”


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For several years now Korean skincare has been very popular among Europeans. As you can read from the title I decided to finally jump on the band wagon aswell and try out the famous “Korean Skincare routine.” If you’re interested to know how it worked out for me then keep on reading!

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Basically it’s a beauty routine based on layering as each step has its own particular function. When you layer products in thin amounts, from light to heavy textures, it makes them more effective overall.

To be honest I’m very cautious about skincare brands & products. I read quite many reviews before I made up my mind because there are lots of brands out there with similar products promising the same result. Luckily, I made a good choice. I went with The Skinhouse.

I tried out The Skinhouse “Marine Active” line just because I’m all about hydrated & glowy skin! I’ve been using these products on and off for 6 months and I think I can finally give you guys a proper review! 

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Products that I ordered:

The Skinhouse Rice Active cleansing water 

The Skinhouse Marine Active toner

The Skinhouse Marine Active serum

The Skinhouse Marine Active emulsion

The Skinhouse Marine Active cream

The Skinhouse Marine Active sleeping mask

During the hot summer we had I felt that using so many products on top of each other was unnecessary for my skin. So, I used toner-emulsion in the morning and serum-cream in the evening. These two combos worked well but then again it was summer and my skin was good anyways, so I couldn’t really tell how much these products helped me or not.

Transitioning from Summer to Autumn has always been tough on my skin as it gets superdry and flakey. At one point (I think it was the at beginning of November) it was so dry that I had to: moisturize, wait 15 min, moisturize again, wait another 15 min & finally I was able to apply makeup. So, I decided to give The Skinhouse products another go. 

At first I was just using the moisturizer. The colder it got, the more I started doing the layering part of the routine. Right now with -10 degrees outside, I honestly don’t know what I would do without these products because the ones I was using last winter don’t work for me anymore. 

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My favorites are Marine Active toner, Marine Active serumMarine Active emulsion & Marine Active cream. Their textures are very lightweight but layering them on top of each other works and makes my skin just so plump & hydrated. Love them so much! My mom tried out the toner aswell and she said it made her 40+ skin so beautifully radient & youthful!

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Marine Bounce sleeping mask worked well for me also but I don’t think it’s something I would repurchase. It made my skin very soft & glowy but I don’t like to go to bed with a sticky face.

Rice Active cleansing water – at first I really-really liked this product. It’s very gentle and works well with sensitive skin. But lately I haven’t been the biggest fan of it. I feel like it leaves my skin oily & I don’t like it this way.

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In general I’m so-so happy to have come across these products! Marine Active toner, serum, emulsion & cream are and will be my winter saviours! If you’re struggling with dry skin, I highly recommend you to try them out!

Talk to you soon!




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Hey lovelies! We are already in the middle of November and I feel like days are getting busier & busier with the holiday season upon us. In the middle of the week I usually don’t have time to just relax and pamper myself. So, Sundays are perfect for a little home spa, right!?  Read More»

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I usually go all in – bubble bath, masks, scrubs, manicure, pedicure and ofcourse moisturize the hell out of my skin, haha. This time I had my spa night using products from “The Beauty of Nature” gift box by Pure Cosmetics. It would be such a good Christmas gift for my mom, just because she loves taking care of her skin with natural products! 


The box includes 9 of their bestsellers in full size:

EVOLVE Miracle Facial oil

OMA Green Tea Mud mask

BERRICHI Eye cream


SAMPURE MINERALS Eye pencil in black

HOIA säravaht Golden Goddess Body foam

HOIA Lemongrass Body scrub

BONMERITÉ Rejuvenating Hand cream

GOOD BOOM Vegan Lip balm


EVOLVE Miracle Facial oil – During the cold seasons I always go for a facial oil just because I feel like my skin needs that extra hydration which I don’t usually get from a regular moisturizer. EVOLVE Miracle Facial oil works very well for my skin!

OMA Green Tea Mud mask – If you wear makeup on daily basis you know that masking is a very important step in your skincare routine. This one here did a really good job leaving my skin clean & glowy! Yes, I actually saw the glow! Loved it!

BERRICHI Eye cream – At first it looks like one of those silicone based makeup primers but it’s actually very creamy and moisturizing. Very good product to use before under eye concealer for example.

SAMPURE MINERALS Mineral powder – If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I love this product! I was using it for 5 months in a row and stopped just recently when I got back from Paris and realized that the weather was getting colder and my skin was getting more dry. During the winter I will use liquid foundation but in springtime I will go back to this mineral powder 100%! I so-so very much recommend this product!

SAMPURE MINERALS Eye pencil in black – It’s creamy & opaque like one good black eye pencil should be!

HOIA säravaht Golden Goddess Body foam – This was the only product I didn’t really like but I think it depends on a personal preference. The packaging is beautiful and the mousse itself is very luxurious. It feels very good on the skin but the finish was a NO for me – too glittery. If it doesn’t bother you then you will love this product! I just prefer shimmer & glow to glitter. 

HOIA Lemongrass Body scrub – I’ve been using it for a while now because I already had this product among my showering goodies. So, now I’ve got a backup! I think it’s one of the best body scrubs out there + the scent of lemongrass is so soothing in my opinion!

BONMERITÉ Rejuvenating Hand cream – Love this step! BONMERITÉ hand cream has a very pleasent scent and it left my skin silky smooth. Definitely yes!

GOOD BOOM Vegan Lip balm – Ah-maaaazing scent! Apricot & peach – such a good combination and ofcourse it’s supermoisturizing!



I always take advantage of that kind of holiday deals because you can get so much more than you are actually paying for.

This box here is valued for €150 if you’d buy every product separately.

But if you buy it as a holiday set and use my code “MAARJA” it costs €55 + free shipping!


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For several years now I’ve had totally different makeup regimen when it comes to summertime. When it’s 25 degrees outside, I really don’t feel like wearing full coverage foundation with concealer, setting powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter.  T o o   m a n y   p r o d u c t s !

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During the summer I mostly use mineral makeup. I wish I would have used it back when I was living in Dubai. My life would have been so much easier. But back then I didn’t really believe in it. It was about 3 years ago, I was in Ibiza and my babe Grisse was using mineral powder foundation & demanded me to try it out aswell. I’m so glad I did!

So, why do I like it? First of all it takes me like 2 minutes to create a radient & even skin and I really don’t feel like wasting a lot of time doing my makeup when I’m for example travelling. Secondly, it has SPF 15 which means I don’t have to apply sunscreen separately. Last but definitely not least – it allows my skin to breathe & look good naturally!

Obviously there are a lot of different brands out there, so I’m going to give you a little heads up about what kind of products I use and how. 


My mineral makeup kit is by the brand Sampure Minerals (HERE). It is the first European Halal certified mineral makeup brand created in Great Britain in 2009. They use only the finest quality natural ingredients in their products, no nasty chemicals, no parabens, no animal derivatives and no preservatives. The kit consists of Instant Glow Mineral Foundation, Instant Glow Setting Powder, Instant Glow Mineral Blush and 2 brushes. 




1. I start by hydrating my face. Make sure to wait at least 10 minutes before applying the mineral makeup so the moisturizer can settle into your skin properly.


2. Then I apply the star of the show – Sampure Minerals Instant Glow Mineral Foundation (HERE). I am very tanned right now, so my perfect match is “Sand.” They have 7 different shades, so make sure to pick up the right one. If you’re not sure which is suitable for you, just do it like I did – I went to Tradehouse shop in Nautica Keskus to check out the testers.

The brush is the most important tool you will use for applying mineral foundation, so make sure you invest in an excellent quality one. I used Sampure Minerals Mini Kabuki Brush (HERE).


So, I apply the foundation in gentle circular motions on the skin to get a beautiful coverage and repeat it several times all over the face while paying attention to all areas including around the nose and eyes. Keep in mind that little goes a long way! After that I always admire my skin in front of the mirror for a bit because I just can’t seem to get it how easy it is to even out all the redness, dark circles, pigmentations and spots. The product itself is very luxurious & lightweight with no distinctive scent to it. 10/10!


(Left side of my face has Sampure Minerals Instant Glow Mineral Foundation on. Right side is clean.)

3. After creating a beautiful & even canvas it is time to set it. Sampure Minerals Instant Glow Mineral Setting Powder in “Natural” (HERE) helps to smooth away any fine lines and imperfections + keeps everything in place while adding a beautiful velvety matte finish. To be honest, when I’m in a hurry, I tend to skip this step. However, if you have problems with oil control, I think this product will help you to stay matte longer.

4. It is time to give some shape to the face. They do have a bronzer aswell but I like to use Sampure Minerals Crushed mineral eyeshadow in “Heavenly bronze” (HERE) instead. I just love the colour! It is a chocolate brown loose eyeshadow which is not too brown, not too red, not too orange. Perfect for creating that sunkissed look!

5. For a blush I use Sampure Minerals Instant Glow Mineral Blush in “Shimmer’n’ice” (HERE). As the name says, it has some fine shimmer in it, so I don’t even have to apply highlighter because it’s like 2 in 1. It gives such a beautiful radient & glowy flush of colour! But if you are more of a highlighter kinda gal, you should try out their Mineral Setting Powder in “Glow” (HERE). I haven’t tried it myself but I’ve heard good things about it!


6. Eyebrows! Very important step! It is so hard to find a good brow pencil which is suitable for girls with blonde hair. Sampure Minerals Classic Brow Pencil (HERE) runs in 1 colour and I think it’s a better fit for brunettes. 

7. Let’s add some drama to the eyes with Sampure Minerals Beautiful Volume & Curl Mascara (HERE)! My eyelashes are long and semi-voluminous I suppose. The problem is (actually ‘was’) that they were stubbornly straight. For years and years my usual mascara routine was like this: curl them, apply 2 coats of mascara, curl them again. And after 1 min they were back to straight again. So frustrating. My solution? Curl your lashes, apply 1 coat of any waterproof mascara, apply another coat of your regular mascara and boom! Try it out & you can thank me later!


8. …and now the lips! Sometimes I go for red or orange but in everyday life I tend to use nude lipsticks more than anything else. I’m using Sampure Minerals Long-lasting Matte Lipstick in “Sandstone” (HERE) which is like a brownish nude colour. I think this shade is very flattering for many different skintones. Lipstick itself is matte like the name says but not drying like some might be.

9. I like to spray some rose water to my face as a final step. I feel like it makes the makeup look even more natural et voilà! I’m done!


If you’ve been wondering whether mineral makeup is worth trying out or not, just go for it. Sampure Get Started Kit (HERE) is a good option for that! Sampure Minerals products are available at and Tradehouse shop in Nautica Keskus!

Also with a code “maarjabrenner” you can get 15% OFF on Sampure Minerals products when ordering from & orders over €49 have free shipping!

I hope you guys enjoyed it and talk to you soon! Mwuah! x