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I can’t believe it’s finally ready and I can start writing! YAY!

Most of you who are reading this came here through my instagram or facebook page. You guys are probably familiar with what I’m interested in or what this blog will be about but here it is written in black and white: fashion, beauty, makeup, travelling, healthy habits, lifestyle and all that mainstream. But I love it! And when I’m passionate about something I can’t keep it to myself. I just have to share it with the whole world!

Can you believe that I had this idea about 7 years ago already? I guess back then I was that kind of a person who was afraid of people knowing more about my life and habits as I’ve always been quite a private person. Second factor was definitely the judging part. I was so scared of being judged and criticized and most of all failing. But I’ve grown and matured and these feelings and thoughts have left me as I’ve got older. So I decided to give it a go. I do want to drink champagne, so I’ve got to try, right?!

I’m superhappy to start this journey! For all those people who have asked and asked and waited and asked – here it is! I have already made a long list of post ideas which is based on the things that I get asked a lot. So stay tuned for my beauty tips & tricks, how I edit my insta pictures, outfit posts, healthy recipes, favorite beauty products, recent purchases, hip & cool restaurants, travelling tips and so much more!

See you soon!



12 thoughts on “HELLO

  1. feelings and thoughts have left me as I’ve got older. <- "as I've gotten older" peaks vist olema (muidu tõkes "mul on" , mitte "ma olen saanud" 🙂 Aga hästi palju edu blogiga – näeb juba praegu väga fancy välja ja kustuta mu kommentaar lupsti ära kohe! 🙂

    1. Darnit! 😀 Ma veel guugeldasin selle üle, sest olin nii kahevahel, kuna ‘gotten’ kõlab palju loogilisemalt, aga otsing andis 380 mln tulemust ‘got’ile ja otsustasin teda usaldada. 😀 Aitäh sulle ausa kommentaari eest! 🙂

  2. Jei, Maarja! Nii hea meel su üle ja nii põnev saab lugeda olema. See on täiega sinu teema & ainult best of luck, babe!

  3. Hi Maarja! I’ve been following you on Instagram because I love your style, and because I’m originally from Estonia (although I live in Boston now). I would love to hear more about your background- where did you grow up, where do you live now, where is your husband from? Love the pictures, but I would love to know more of the story behind them! Thanks! 😘😘😘

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! :* I promise I will get more into details about who is this Maarja person. 😀 I have different tags and Q&A ideas – things are about to get revealed. 😀

    1. Oi, aitäh sulle! 🙂 Ei saa öelda, et mul pole see idee varem peast läbi käinud. Kindlasti oleks see põnev, aga kardan, et kui see minu jaoks igapäevaseks kohustuseks muutuks, kaotaksin selle vastu huvi ja kire. But who knows, maybe not. 😉

  4. Nii tore, et kirjutama hakkasid! Olen sinu pikaajaline jälgija Instagramis ja tore on sinust rohkem teada saada! 😊

    1. Nii armas sinust! ☺️ Ise tundsin ka, et instagramist ikka ei piisa. 😄 Plaanin varsti teha “Get to know me” postituse, kus vastan erinevatele küsimustele enda kohta. Stay tuned! 😉

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