It’s been waaay toooo looong! But I have an excuse and it’s a decent one! Last week when I was watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” my laptop just crashed. Maybe it was some kind of a sign that I shouldn’t be watching it, haha. As I was saying, my laptop just blacked out and decided not to work. It freaked me out because I’ve had it for like 1,5 years only and I’ve barely used it. Long story short – updates were undone. I kept postponing them and I got the result. So, pleaaaaase, learn from my mistake and always do them immidiately.

Let’s make a smooth change of topic, shall we? Lately I’ve been really into home decor and it’s fun because there’s so much to discover for me as I’ve never been interested in that field. That makes me look our home now in a totally different way ofcourse. I figured that new couch would be nice but new table would be just necessary. So until I’m hunting down that perfect couch and a table to compliment that couch, I decided to do something about it. I don’t even know if there is such verb in a dictionary but this is what I did – I marbleized my living room table.


There are so many tutorials all over the internet, so I’m not going to take credit for the idea. Also, I’m going to put it out here that I am not that crafty person who makes living cats out of wood. So keep in mind that this doesn’t need ANY kind of special skills. Oh, and this whole project cost me like €8 and just because my table is huuuge. For any normal size table it would be €4-5 max.

I also made a little time-lapse video of me marbleizing. (CLICK HERE)


Here is what you need for this instagram perfect table:

✔️ Marble-printed contact paper (I got mine from K-Rauta – HERE)

✔️ Scissors

✔️ Credit card/membership card

Step 1: Clean the surface of your table/stool and make sure it’s as smooth as it can get. This prevents appearing of the bubbles.

Step 2: Start applying your contact paper. Slowly, carefully, precisely. Use a plastic card to get rid of the bubbles.

Step 3: VOILÀ! YOU’RE DONE! That’s how easy it was!

Mine turned out like this:



Hope you enjoyed it!