WHAT TO WEAR: Holiday Edition

Christmas is right around the corner and so is New Year’s Eve (and also my birthday)! That’s why it’s time to start thinking about outfit options because we all want to look extra sparkly during the holiday season.

Jõulud, vana-aasta õhtu (ja ka minu sünnipäev!) on kohe-kohe siin. Seetõttu tasub juba aegsasti hakata mõtlema outfittide peale, et mitte olla ajahädas ning leida end olukorrast, kus midagi selga pole panna.

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I usually go with online shopping because of the convenience – I order buuunch of stuff and things that are not a fit will be returned. Easy-breezy.

Mina lähen tavaliselt lihtsamat teed pidi ning kasutan ära e-poodide võimalusi – tellin korraga hunniku asju, valin välja lemmikud ja ülejäänu saadan tagasi.

So, I put together 5 festive outfits that I would wear for upcoming parties & events. I seriously found some awesome pieces + many of them are on sale, score! The obvious part is that I picked errrthing from ASOS because it’s my favorite webstore since 2006. Their shipping & return are for FREE and the most important part – they have such a good selection of everything hip & trendy.

Panin kokku 5 outfitti, mida mina kannaksin eesolevatel pidudel ja üritustel. Päris mitmed asjad on allahindlusega, seega tasub kiire olla, et mitte ilma jääda. Ilmselgelt valisin kõik asjad ASOSest, sest see on mu lemmik e-pood – saatmine/tagasi saatmine on TASUTA + neil on tõsiselt hea riiete ja aksessuaaride valik!

Outfit I

1. Blouse (HERE) 2. Pants (HERE) 3. Boots (HERE) 4. Clutch (HERE)

Outfit II

1. Dress (HERE) 2. Boots (HERE) 3. Fur jacket (HERE) 4. Clutch (HERE) 5. Belt (HERE)

Outfit III

1. Blouse (HERE) 2. Skirt (HERE) 3. Shoes (HERE) 4. Earrings (HERE)

Outfit IV

1. Dress (HERE) 2. Belt (HERE) 3. Shoes (HERE) 4. Bag (HERE)

Outfit V

1. Skirt (HERE) 2. Puff sleeve shirt (HERE) 3. Earrings (HERE) 4. Shoes (HERE) 5. Socks (HERE)

For my Estonian readers only:

Paar kuud tagasi hakkasin ma kasutama ka Bonusway’d. Nii hea, et see viimaks ka Eestisse on jõudnud. Ma mäletan juba 5 aastat tagasi kui USA blogijad sellisest asjast rääkisid. Viimaks saame ka meie shoppamise kaudu boonuseid!

See on siis selline platvorm, mille kaudu e-poodidest tellides saad sa kindla protsendi raisatud rahast tagasi.

Olen Bonusway’d jõudnud juba üsna mitu korda selle lühikese aja jooksul kasutada, sest neil on päris palju e-poode, mis mulle meeldivad nagu Forever21, Missguided, NA-KD, Boohoo ja isegi Ebay.

Minu viimane tellimus nägi välja selline:
1. Logisin Facebookiga sisse (LIITU SIIN)
2. Otsisin “ASOS” Bonusway.ee lehelt
3. Klikkisin “Kogu boonuseid” ja see suunas mu asos.com lehele
4. Ostsin 3 asja ja mu arve oli €121.44
5. 2 päeva hiljem nägin, et mu Bonusway kontole oli laekunud €5.19
6. KÕIK!

Ma loodan, et see väga “müügijutt” ei tundunud, sest kui ma olen millestki vaimustuses, siis ma olen ikka MEGAVAIMUSTUSES! 😄 Katsetage järgi ja nagunii hakkate ainult selle kaudu tellima (või hotelle bronnima! Booking.com on seal ka olemas!)

Liitudes läbi minu lingi:


lisandub igale kontole €3 boonust (peale esimese ostu sooritamist)!

Happy shopping, peeps! ❤️

Also, which outfit was your personal favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 


UAE – I’m baaaack! But this time it is touchdown Abu Dhabi with my girlfriends! Yay! We booked our trip already back in February, so the wait has been way too long. I’m SO excited for all the fun stuff!

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Due to that I decided to make a throwback post about my last trip here. Tim & I were in UAE in March but I didn’t have my blog back then. So I couldn’t share all the pictures I wanted to. But now I can! I hope you’ll enjoy it! xx


Nation Riviera Beach club, Abu Dhabi

Zaya Nurai Island


Yas Marina Circuit, Habibi is driving. 💛

Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

BMI brunch


JBR, Dubai

Saltbae & Bae

Muchachas, Dubai

Dubizzle 41

I’m off to the beach now! Talk to you soon! xx



There are some pieces in my wardrobe that I keep on wearing & wearing. I get a lot of questions about where certain things are from, so I decided to make a blog post about them. To be precise – about fashion pieces I’ve been obsessed with for the past 3 months. Most of them are still available, so yay!

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1. Lindex leopard faux fur – As you’ve seen it on Instagram, I’ve been living in this one! Would have never thought that I will be wearing leopard print and loving it, haha! I usually wear it with blue jeans & a pair of sneakers.

  (Available – HERE)

2. Levis 501t jeans – I got them from Riga back in July and I’ve been wearing them 24/7 ever since. No joke. Check out my instafeed and you will see them on every god damn picture. This exact pair has little star shaped studs around the front pockets and I know for sure that these are still available in Levis stores in Estonia & Latvia.

(Available – HERE)

3. Gucci belt – I got it exactly a year ago and I can say that it’s totally worth an investment! It’s such a statement piece and makes every outfit more put together!

(Available – HERE)

4. H&M sweatshirt – My favorite layering piece! I wear it so much! I think there will be little holes in the sleeves very soon. Oh, I’m wearing it right now aswell, haha! Love it & you can’t beat the price!

(Available – HERE)

5. Vans Atwood Low trainers – I scored them from Sportsdirect in Ülemiste Shopping Center in Tallinn. They were only 30 something euros beacause it’s kids’ model that I got. But they fitted to my 38,5 size feet, so yay! Such a great bargain!

(Available – HERE)

6. Zara check-print blazer – I know it’s been sold out everywhere because check print is THE thing to wear this fall! I bought it back in May just randomly as I’ve always been into cool blazers like this one. I feel like it gives much more sophisticated look to the outfit.

(Similar ones – HERE and HERE and HERE)

7. Louis Vuitton Wonderland Rangers – Obsessed with these ever since I bought them back in summer 2016. Gotta love the military vibe! I feel like they go with every single piece in my wardrobe. Expensive? Yes. Worth an investment? Totally.

(Available – HERE or similar HERE and HERE)

8. Dry Lake Dark Suede jacket – Definitely love at first sight! I usually throw it over a dress and I’m good to go. I think that leather and suede are the best options to add different textures and make an outfit stand out!

(Available – HERE)

9. Puma basket heart trainers – I seriously think that I should get another pair of these cuties. Love them! Because of the satin shoe laces, they look so girly and cute and perfect to combine with dresses & skirts.

(Available – HERE)

10. Freddy ecoleather pants – Fave pants to pair with chunky sweaters & boots! + they make your bootie look oh-so fine. Definitely one of those must-have pieces like white sneakers, leather jacket and a LBD are.

(Available – HERE)

11. Burberry studded brogues – I also call them “men shoes.” I’ve always been into different types of oxfords. Perfect for fall/spring when you don’t want to wear boots. I think they give effortlessly chic look to any outfit!

(Similar ones – HERE and HERE and HERE)

12. Zara aviator jacket – I’ve been wearing it tons lately but for some reason I haven’t captured any of these moments. Love this one! I was so in-between of which color to choose because there are so many different ones out there! But I’m happy that I went for solid black.

(Available – HERE)



I’ve always felt that fall is the beginning of the year – new season, new collections, new ideas. Last Tuesday I attended Lindex Pink Collection 2017 party in Hotel Telegraaf and decided to give you a quick overview of the pieces & what this collection is all about.

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So, this collection consists of 18 pieces of homewear and lingerie in premium quality. The color range is so calming for the eye – white, gray, dusty pink and black. So feminine. They used silk, cashmere, velvet, lace & cotton which already says a lot about it. When I was younger I didn’t really care about the material as long as it looked good. But for couple of years now I’ve been that type of person who immidiately starts looking for the fabric label when I find something that I like. Who can relate?! 😄

Outfit details:

Blouse – Dry Lake (HERE)

Jeans – Lindex (HERE)

Hat – H&M (HERE)

What makes this collection so special is the fact that 10% of the sales price of every piece will be donated for cancer research. Beautiful pieces for a great cause. 🎀


Robe perfection came home with me. 🎀

(3 pictures by Meisi Volt)


You guuuuuuys! I’ve missed you! Summer is over and I’m so ready to get back on track with my blog posts. Most of you who follow me on Instagram know that a month ago Tim and I went on a road trip. But it was no ordinary road trip – it was THE ATLANTIC ROAD TRIP ’17. And it was epic!

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So, what is it? Car lovers and enthusiasts come together with their sports cars and supercars to go on a road trip together from Copenhagen, through Norway to Stockholm. Within 5 days. More information HERE and HERE!

If you know me well, you know that I’m not the wisest person when it comes to cars. God knows I’ve mixed up Lamborghini to Ferrari and to this very day I still get heat for that, haha. But I do like fast cars, road trips, meeting new people and discovering new countries – and this is exactly what this trip was all about!

FYI, all the pictures were taken with iphone 7.

And so it began…

Obviously I don’t know what “travel light” means. Checking out from Hotel Skt Petri and getting ready for the START in Copenhagen. Click HERE and HERE to see how it actually was!

For the sake of this post – this is Aston Martin Vantage V8

My man! Decorating his name with an Estonian flag. 😄

On our way to Larvik! Ferry rides have a significant role when driving through Norway.

Isn’t this the most breathtaking view?


I’ve always wanted to go to Norway! FINALLY I can check it off my bucket list.

Ice cream break. 🍦

After a night in Rosendahl our next stop should have been Valldal but instead we took a little detour. The reason was that we started having issues with our brakes. Nothing major but as the roads & curves are no joke in that area, we decided to head out to Oslo to get them checked immidiately.

That Mexican place in Oslo was AWESOME! It’s called “Taqueria.”

A bit of eating, shopping, wandering

Breakfast in Cafe Pascal, Stockholm. Delissshhh! This table situation is so me. 👆🏼 Grabbing a newspaper for unsolved Sudokus whenever in sight.

Major matcha lemonade cravings while writing this. 👅 Also picked up some bits & bobs from Sephora. Have you guys tried any of these? Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz has been my go-to for years & years. I always stock up when possible.

… and finally it was time for a proper closing party at Mister French!

To sum up:

Golden confetti overdose. Min speed 165 km/h. About million dropped pins. Cute & fluffy sheep everywhere. Too many lost driver’s licenses. Way too many fines. If Norway wasn’t wealthy before, it is now. A lot of “exotic” pictures/videos in our chat. The amount of Louis Vuitton carry-ons. Dude. MAJOR CAR GOALS. And finally & most importantly – ART ’17 fam. It wouldn’t have been what it was without you awesome peeps! ❤️

See you all next year!