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Review: LUMENE

If you guys follow me on Instagram you might remember that I recieved a very generous care package from LUMENE couple months back. Current situation is that I’ve tried out every single product and integrated some of them to my beauty routine aswell. So it was about time to write a proper detailed review.

Before we jump into the makeup madness I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m always giving my honest opinion.

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A little while back Lumene went through a big change. Their new packaging is so much more luxurious and one thing I just can’t get over is how good their products smell. By the time you’re done reading this post it will be pretty clear that I’m a sucker for good scents. As their range of products is wide, I’m going to guide you through what’s worth buying and what’s not. Just FYI, my skin is combination to oily, but also dehydrated and dry.

LUMENE Sisu Antioxidant Mist – starting off with one of my favorites. The way this product smells is intoxicating. It’s just so refreshing and makes me think of a forest after a rain. If you find Lumene counter somewhere, please go and smell it. I use it for setting my makeup or just to refreshen my face. The only down side is that the spray cap shouldn’t spritz that harshly. It should be more like a mist, not a spray. But obviously it doesn’t bother me much because the liquid inside the bottle is just amazing.

LUMENE Sisu Deep Clean purifying mask – this mask is from the same line as the spray and therefore it smells the same, yum. Oh, and the product itself is just amazing. I hate it when purifying masks start drying and pulling my skin. This one is very gentle and doesn’t do that at all. After rinsing my face with water, it feels fresh and clean. Definitely worth the money!

LUMENE Lähde hydrating eye gel – maybe some of you remember that I posted a picture of this eyegel on Instagram couple months back. If you have sensitive under eye area, you have found your product. It is so gentle, refreshing and most importantly it doesn’t irritate my eyes.

LUMENE Lähde 24h moisturizer – for my skin type it works very well as a summertime moisturizer. However for winter I usually prefer thicker consistency. Oh, and ofcourse it has a very pleasant scent.

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LUMENE Instant Glow Beauty Serum – is actually a foundation with a very beautiful glowy finish. The packaging looks very expensive and I appreciate the dropper system for foundation bottles. For me I feel like the coverage is not enough but if you are somebody who doesn’t like very thick and full coverage foundations, it’s meant for you. Some of my friends told me how much they love this foundation before I even had a chance to try it out. So obviously it is a very popular product and I can see why.

LUMENE 6 in 1 CC cream – I’ve been literally abusing it! I’ve never found a BB or a CC cream that I’m completely satisfied with and maybe this was the reason why I had basically 0 expectations for this product. I love it so much! The coverage is medium and the finish is satin. I’m currently using the shade “Tan” and sometimes I have to mix it with something lighter in order to get that perfect shade. Will definitely repurchase once finished!

LUMENE Instant Illuminizer in Rosy Dawn – this is why my makeup is always glowing! I usually mix 2-3 drops of illuminating primer to my foundation and trust me, it makes such a difference. The packaging, the scent and the product itself, simply love it!

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LUMENE Volume Lash primer – I used 1 layer of that primer and then 1 layer of regular volumizing mascara and it did not look good on me. My lashes weren’t separated properly and they were chunky and in general I wasn’t happy with the result.

LUMENE Long lasting lip liner No.6 –  it is a transparent lip liner and the purpose of this one is to keep rest of your lip products in place and make them long-lasting. I tried it but I think for me this step is quite unnecessary as I’m already using good quality lip products. I think I would spend my money on something else.

LUMENE Pure Arctic Mineral Micellar water – yes, this bottle is already empty as I started using it immidiately. I think it’s a good product if you don’t have problems with overly sensitive skin.

LUMENE Nordic Noir mascara in black – this is the best smelling mascara that I’ve ever used! I’m quite picky with mascaras, but I really do like this one! It has a big rubbery brush and it works well with my straight eyelashes.

LUMENE Nordic Nude compact powder in No.3 – the name also claims that this product is air-light and I totally agree. Gives my skin very smooth and soft finish without looking cakey. I don’t know about very oily skin but for my semi-oily skin it worked very well.

LUMENE Nordic Nude blush in No.3 – this is The blush to achieve healthy & glowy cheeks! It’s very easy to look like a clown if a blush is too pigmented. This one gives you a chance to always add more if needed. Such a good product for summery looks!

LUMENE Nordic Chic eyeshadows in Frosty Ice, Midsummer & Dawning Day and LUMENE Eyeshadow palette in Smokey – very beautiful shimmery shades for creating different kind of smokey eyes. I can definitely feel how the quality of these eyeshadows has improved as they are softer and much more pigmented.

LUMENE Nordic Chic brow palette in Medium brown – it’s very hard to find brow products that match with blonde hair. Unfortunately this particular duo was too dark for me. I did try the lighter shade for my brow tails and the product itself worked really well but in general they still came out too dark for my hair and skin.

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LUMENE Gel effect nail polish in 39 Wild berry – love this colour! The brush is so wide and makes the application process quick and easy!

LUMENE Silky Lip Fluid in No.5 Spring – is a babypink lipgloss with soft and non-sticky finish. I love applying it on top of a nude lipstick as it gives a beautiful glossy finish with a hint of pink.

LUMENE Nordic Seduction creamy lipstick in No.17 Enchanted forest – This will definitely be my go-to fall lipstick! As the name states it is a very creamy yet very pigmented line of lipsticks. Also very pleasantly scented.

LUMENE Nordic Noir Intense eyepencil in No.1 Black – it’s basically a kohl pencil which is intense black and easily blendable.

LUMENE Nordic Seduction lipliner in No.4 – it is a very smooth and pigmented lip pencil! Their current colour range is quite pink & red. So hopefully they will come out with some nudes aswell. I also wanted to mention that it’s retractable, so you don’t have to waste your time on sharpening.

All in all I think they’ve done great job with their new lines! I feel like this brand can be sometimes underestimated. I’ve been a fan for years and I feel that specially skincare lines are such a fit because of our climate in the Nordics.

I know that you guys are already drooling over these products so I got you a discount code, yay! I will probably be the first one to use it as I’ve already got 3-4 products on my mind, haha.

By entering the code “Maarja” you will get 20% OFF from all new Lumene products when ordering from

You deserve a glass of wine if you stayed with me until the end! I promise that my future posts won’t be that long.

We’ll talk real soon!




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I can’t believe it’s finally ready and I can start writing! YAY!

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Most of you who are reading this came here through my instagram or facebook page. You guys are probably familiar with what I’m interested in or what this blog will be about but here it is written in black and white: fashion, beauty, makeup, travelling, healthy habits, lifestyle and all that mainstream. But I love it! And when I’m passionate about something I can’t keep it to myself. I just have to share it with the whole world!

Can you believe that I had this idea about 7 years ago already? I guess back then I was that kind of a person who was afraid of people knowing more about my life and habits as I’ve always been quite a private person. Second factor was definitely the judging part. I was so scared of being judged and criticized and most of all failing. But I’ve grown and matured and these feelings and thoughts have left me as I’ve got older. So I decided to give it a go. I do want to drink champagne, so I’ve got to try, right?!

I’m superhappy to start this journey! For all those people who have asked and asked and waited and asked – here it is! I have already made a long list of post ideas which is based on the things that I get asked a lot. So stay tuned for my beauty tips & tricks, how I edit my insta pictures, outfit posts, healthy recipes, favorite beauty products, recent purchases, hip & cool restaurants, travelling tips and so much more!

See you soon!