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There are so many awesome products out there that finding the right ones can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why brand/product reviews are so useful. I rarely buy beauty treats without a proper research. This way I don’t waste money on things that aren’t worth it.

When I write reviews I ALWAYS give you guys my honest opinion. Even with paid collaborations – if I don’t like the product, I will write that aswell. Just a little disclaimer. Anyways, if you’re interested to know my thoughts on 6 different Löwengrip products then keep on reading!

Löwengrip is a Swedish brand, created by blogger and entrepreneur Isabella Löwengrip. The brand offers top quality products that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and scalp. Practical but beautiful, with instant and sustainable results – all developed by leading chemists and produced in Sweden using environmentally friendly production methods.They test only on humans to guarantee an honest product that is 100% cruelty-free.

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Löwengrip Dry Shampoo: It gives me so much volume and texture! When using, make sure to brush your hair properly. You don’t want to have dusty greyish result. I think this product is better for blondes because it does leave a white cast. For me it’s a good thing though. My roots are quite dark when they’re outgrown, so that kind of dry shampoo helps me lighten them a bit. 😉

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Löwengrip Deodorant: I found my ride or die stick over 9 years ago and haven’t used anything else ever since. With heavy heart (haha) I decided to try out Löwengrip “Count On Me” deodorant and it turned out to be a very pleasant experience – at first sticky (which made me regret trying it out) but very soon it dried and I completely forgot about it. Worked very well for my 17h busy day + I loved the scent!

Löwengrip Facial Cleanser: I’ve tried one other facial cleanser from Löwengrip aswell and honestly both of them worked very well with my sensitive skin. After washing my face, I always use micellar water afterwards. This way it’s easy to spot how well the cleanser actually works. Löwengrip Cell Renewal Facial Cleanser removed my makeup very decently. I also enjoyed the gel-like texture and the pleasant scent. Definitely thumbs up!

Löwengrip Silver Shampoo & Löwengrip Silver Conditioner: First of all, I was a bit skeptical because both of these products have deep purple colour. In my haircare routine I usually use either silver shampoo or silver conditioner. Not both. Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson. Back in the days my bestie & I were using those cheap silver shampoos from Russia and we always used too much & left it on for too long. We just wanted to have that perfect cold blonde. Reality: we over did it & had light blue hair instead. 😄 Löwengrip Silver shampoo & conditioner were such a pleasent surprise though! They worked so-so well even on dry & bleached stack of hay leaving me with soft, voluminous & cold toned hair. I highly recommend!

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Löwengrip Hand Balm: One of those products that’s 100% worth buying! Obviously the most important is the product inside the tube but I must say the packaging was the first thing that caught my eye – it looks very luxurious! Hand cream itself is thick & moisturizing with a divine scent!

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These products are all available at Apotheka Beauty online store (HERE) and also in their recently opened store in T1 which is definitely one of the prettiest ones in Tallinn! I really like the concept where pharmacy isn’t immidiately associated with diseases & medication but rather with beauty & health. When buying products from a pharmacy for some reason I blindly trust what they have – carefully picked brands which are good for all skin types. Even for the most capricious one!

I wish you guys “Merry Everything & Happy Always!”