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Oh summer! Sunny days at the beach, toes in the sand, bikinis, mermaid hair… so idyllic!

As you change out your wardrobe and swap chunky sweaters to summer dresses, you need to take a look at your hair care routine aswell. It might be time to add a few products to your regimen in order to cope with summer conditions. Salty seawater, chlorinated pools, humidity & heat damage from the sun are just a few of the reasons why you need to rethink your hair care.

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My hair is color-treated, dry and damaged, so it was a no-brainer for me to start using L’Oreal Elvital Extraordinary Oil hair care. This line is very nourishing and meant for dry to extra dry hair. I think it’s been roughly over 15 years since the last time I was using L’Oreal hair care products. To be honest I don’t think they were that good back then and so many other brands were flooding the market, so I kind of just went with the trends.

But now as I’ve been using this particular line for almost 2 months, I’m impressed! They have come such a long way. The level of improvement is insane! This line works so well with my hair. No joke!

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One of the biggest issues that I have during the summertime (and also during tropical vacations!) is having frizzy hair due to the humidity. Using products like L’Oreal Elvital Extraordinary Oil shampoo & conditioner, which are infused with nourishing oils, help me to deal with that problem. I usually follow with L’Oreal Elvital Extraordinary oil to tame away any remaining frizz!

PS! Extraordinary Oil comes in a small bottle aswell which is great for travelling! …and it’s made of plastic, so it doesn’t break in a suitcase!

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During the summertime I try to use hair mask more often just to keep the hair soft and healthy. L’Oreal Elvital Extraordinary Oil mask is definitely my favorite product from the whole line! It smells divine + it actually works with my dry and damaged hair. Yes Yes Yes!

I usually wash my hair twice a week. I feel that’s enough for me. In-between washes I use L’Oreal Magic shampoo (which is a dry shampoo/texturizer). I swear dry shampoo is like an espresso to the hair! 

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On very sunny days (or at the beach) I try to wear a hat or a scarf around my head – they look really cute + they make any summer outfit more put-together. You avoid getting a sunstroke & you protect your hair from the exposure!

I try to use hot tools as little as possible. Therefore airdrying instead of blowdrying. Just letting the nature work its magic.

Because summer is all about embracing your natural hair!