Hey babes!

It’s the season of sweater weather, crunchy leaves & pumpkin spice everything. I’m just so happy to be living in a country with 4 seasons!

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I feel like September, October are the busiest months of the year – so many new projects & ideas! With that being said I am so happy & proud to announce that I’m the official brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger in Estonia. How crazy is that? Representing one of my favorite brands… It’s a dream come true!

Due to that I decided to share with you guys this cute outfit that we shot with Philip (@philtori). Many of you couldn’t find the dress, so I’m gonna make your life a bit easier & give you direct links to all the pieces.

Dress (HERE)

Sweater (HERE)

Bag (HERE)

Rain boots (similar HERE)



What else is going on?

Being one of the stars of Denim Dream’s AW18 campaign has led me to many different challenges. For example on Wednesday (03.10) Ott, Liza & I are going to do a Facebook LIVE on Denim Dream’s page. It is going to be the first time for me and to be honest I’m a little afraid & anxious about it. But coming out of comfort zone is what helps you grow, right? So tune in ~12:00! I’m counting on your support, loves!

Wings are meant for flying, right? Next week I’ll be on my way to NYC with my bestie! I just looked up on Facebook that the last time we travelled together was 4 years ago when we went to Nepal. So it’s about time to have a proper friendcation!

At the end of the month I’ll be travelling with my other two besties – my mom & my sister! …and we’ll be heading to Paris! 


Pictures: @philtori

So, that was my little life update. I wish you guys a good night & I’ll talk to you sooooon! 💖


10 reasons to visit Rotermann City

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1. Pagarini – My latest discovery! The reason why I’m so obsessed with this place – their pretzels. MAJOR DROOOL! They put melted butter inside the pretzel. I kid you not, I go there at least twice a week because I just can’t get enough. If you haven’t tried them yet, I beg you to go for it!


2. Carmen Cafe – Cute coffee shop! They have a good selection of breakfast options, pastries and I really like the interior (especially on the 1st floor). Also, during summertime they have a terrace right on the street, so you can do some people watching while enjoying your coffee & croissant!

3. Reede – Such an awesome streetwear store! You can find there all the hip & trendy brands such as Vans, Alpha Industries, Dr. Martens, Adidas, Cheap Monday – to name a few. So, if you’re in the market for a new cool bomber jacket or a pair of Dr. Martens boots, make a visit!


4. RØST – The easiest way to find that place is by following the smell of cinnamon rolls. You just cannot miss this! It’s a very trendy cafe and for a reason – they have the best cinnamon rolls in town! My favorite sweet treat ever!  


5. Stradivarius, Bershka – Very popular High Street Fashion stores! I don’t know about you guys but I never leave these stores empty handed. Today I was too busy to try anything on but I will go back to Stradivarius tomorrow to try on those chinos that I spotted! They have such a variety of colours & patterns to choose from!


6. Juustukuningad – You know that meme: “It has too much cheese on it! Said noone. EVER.” I can relate to that! This place definitely has the best selection of Dutch cheeses. My favorite is Le Petit Doruvael with truffels. Also I suggest you to try out their own mustard sauce with dill & honey, yum!


7. Tallinn Design House – If local design is something that you are interested in, this is THE place to visit! They have such a nice variety of Estonian fashion, cosmetics, furnishing and other bits & pieces!


8. Flamm – Very cozy wine bar with a selection of flatbreads! I usually go there to catch up with a friend over a glass of wine. It is perfect for that! 

9. Pull – I’ve been there for dinner about 5-6 times and I have ZERO regrets! It is very busy, specially on weekends. So make sure to book a table. As it is created and owned by famous Estonian grill masters, be ready to enjoy one of the best BBQ experiences!


10. Instagram friendly – I think it is fair to say that Rotermann City is one of the most instagrammable areas in Tallinn. Being a blogger/influencer I have to fabricate new shooting spots all the time and Rotermann City is like a safety net – whenever I’m in a hurry or if I’m just out of ideas, this is the place where I end up!


WHAT TO WEAR: Holiday Edition

Christmas is right around the corner and so is New Year’s Eve (and also my birthday)! That’s why it’s time to start thinking about outfit options because we all want to look extra sparkly during the holiday season.

Jõulud, vana-aasta õhtu (ja ka minu sünnipäev!) on kohe-kohe siin. Seetõttu tasub juba aegsasti hakata mõtlema outfittide peale, et mitte olla ajahädas ning leida end olukorrast, kus midagi selga pole panna.

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I usually go with online shopping because of the convenience – I order buuunch of stuff and things that are not a fit will be returned. Easy-breezy.

Mina lähen tavaliselt lihtsamat teed pidi ning kasutan ära e-poodide võimalusi – tellin korraga hunniku asju, valin välja lemmikud ja ülejäänu saadan tagasi.

So, I put together 5 festive outfits that I would wear for upcoming parties & events. I seriously found some awesome pieces + many of them are on sale, score! The obvious part is that I picked errrthing from ASOS because it’s my favorite webstore since 2006. Their shipping & return are for FREE and the most important part – they have such a good selection of everything hip & trendy.

Panin kokku 5 outfitti, mida mina kannaksin eesolevatel pidudel ja üritustel. Päris mitmed asjad on allahindlusega, seega tasub kiire olla, et mitte ilma jääda. Ilmselgelt valisin kõik asjad ASOSest, sest see on mu lemmik e-pood – saatmine/tagasi saatmine on TASUTA + neil on tõsiselt hea riiete ja aksessuaaride valik!

Outfit I

1. Blouse (HERE) 2. Pants (HERE) 3. Boots (HERE) 4. Clutch (HERE)

Outfit II

1. Dress (HERE) 2. Boots (HERE) 3. Fur jacket (HERE) 4. Clutch (HERE) 5. Belt (HERE)

Outfit III

1. Blouse (HERE) 2. Skirt (HERE) 3. Shoes (HERE) 4. Earrings (HERE)

Outfit IV

1. Dress (HERE) 2. Belt (HERE) 3. Shoes (HERE) 4. Bag (HERE)

Outfit V

1. Skirt (HERE) 2. Puff sleeve shirt (HERE) 3. Earrings (HERE) 4. Shoes (HERE) 5. Socks (HERE)

For my Estonian readers only:

Paar kuud tagasi hakkasin ma kasutama ka Bonusway’d. Nii hea, et see viimaks ka Eestisse on jõudnud. Ma mäletan juba 5 aastat tagasi kui USA blogijad sellisest asjast rääkisid. Viimaks saame ka meie shoppamise kaudu boonuseid!

See on siis selline platvorm, mille kaudu e-poodidest tellides saad sa kindla protsendi raisatud rahast tagasi.

Olen Bonusway’d jõudnud juba üsna mitu korda selle lühikese aja jooksul kasutada, sest neil on päris palju e-poode, mis mulle meeldivad nagu Forever21, Missguided, NA-KD, Boohoo ja isegi Ebay.

Minu viimane tellimus nägi välja selline:
1. Logisin Facebookiga sisse (LIITU SIIN)
2. Otsisin “ASOS” Bonusway.ee lehelt
3. Klikkisin “Kogu boonuseid” ja see suunas mu asos.com lehele
4. Ostsin 3 asja ja mu arve oli €121.44
5. 2 päeva hiljem nägin, et mu Bonusway kontole oli laekunud €5.19
6. KÕIK!

Ma loodan, et see väga “müügijutt” ei tundunud, sest kui ma olen millestki vaimustuses, siis ma olen ikka MEGAVAIMUSTUSES! 😄 Katsetage järgi ja nagunii hakkate ainult selle kaudu tellima (või hotelle bronnima! Booking.com on seal ka olemas!)

Liitudes läbi minu lingi:


lisandub igale kontole €3 boonust (peale esimese ostu sooritamist)!

Happy shopping, peeps! ❤️

Also, which outfit was your personal favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts!