Hey babes!

It’s the season of sweater weather, crunchy leaves & pumpkin spice everything. I’m just so happy to be living in a country with 4 seasons!

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I feel like September, October are the busiest months of the year – so many new projects & ideas! With that being said I am so happy & proud to announce that I’m the official brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger in Estonia. How crazy is that? Representing one of my favorite brands… It’s a dream come true!

Due to that I decided to share with you guys this cute outfit that we shot with Philip (@philtori). Many of you couldn’t find the dress, so I’m gonna make your life a bit easier & give you direct links to all the pieces.

Dress (HERE)

Sweater (HERE)

Bag (HERE)

Rain boots (similar HERE)



What else is going on?

Being one of the stars of Denim Dream’s AW18 campaign has led me to many different challenges. For example on Wednesday (03.10) Ott, Liza & I are going to do a Facebook LIVE on Denim Dream’s page. It is going to be the first time for me and to be honest I’m a little afraid & anxious about it. But coming out of comfort zone is what helps you grow, right? So tune in ~12:00! I’m counting on your support, loves!

Wings are meant for flying, right? Next week I’ll be on my way to NYC with my bestie! I just looked up on Facebook that the last time we travelled together was 4 years ago when we went to Nepal. So it’s about time to have a proper friendcation!

At the end of the month I’ll be travelling with my other two besties – my mom & my sister! …and we’ll be heading to Paris! 


Pictures: @philtori

So, that was my little life update. I wish you guys a good night & I’ll talk to you sooooon! 💖


Processed with VSCO with u3 preset

How I edit my Instagram photos

Processed with VSCO with u3 preset

In this post I’ll be sharing with you guys my favorite tips to edit Instagram photos. So, if you feel like you need a little guidance, here are some supereasy tricks to make your Instashots stand out!

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First of all, many of you have asked me what camera I use and the truth is that 97% of my Instagram pictures are taken with iPhone X. I do have several professional cameras, I just don’t use them much. I really-really like iPhone’s camera & the pictures that are taken with it!

The applications that I’ll be talking about: VSCO, Facetune, LD (Lens Distortion) & Afterlight. I know that a lot of bloggers are using Lightroom but I prefer VSCO just because I’m used to it. Also, when it comes to posting on Instagram my favorite application is definitely UNUM. You can just drag your pictures around and see how your feed will look like. It is such a lifesaver if you’re a content creator.

If you are reading this post on a smartphone, I suggest you to click on the picture to see the difference of the filters and edits. Better yet, try reading it on your laptop.

So, without further ado, let’s start editing!

1. Chromatic filter w/ Facetune:

Such an easy way to create something different!


Facetune > Filters > Lens > Chromatic et voilà!

2. Teeth whitening w/ Facetune:

You like your picture, you like your edit but it doesn’t look clean enough. Try using Facetune’s “teeth whitening” tool on your yellowish white areas. It can make suuuch a big difference!


3. Highlights w/ VSCO:

I like a lot of details & background noise on my pictures, so I use VSCO “Highlights” to enhance that. Especially if there is a sunset/cloud-situation going on.


4. Grain w/ VSCO:

If there’s a lot of skin on my picture, I like to use “Grain” from VSCO. I just feel like it makes the picture complete + it adds this edgy feel to it!


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

5. Lens Distortion:

Sometimes you look at your picture and it’s good but it’s not great. There’s something missing. Try adding a flare to your picture and create a fake sunshine, sunset, rain or fog!


6. VSCO filters:

I know it is good for the aesthetics of your feed to use the same filter all the time. But I don’t do that. I usually click through all my favorite filters and will just see whatever looks the best. My favorite VSCO filters are: A4, A6, C8, J5 & U3.


7. Afterlight “Dusty” filters:

Have you seen those Instapictures with an awesome vintage look? Try “Dusty” filters from Afterlight & upgrade your Instagame immidiately!


Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


8. Brilliance w/ iPhone:

Iphone’s own little miracle tool! If my picture is too dark or it has too many shadows or in general it’s not clear enough – this is what I use!


Photo > Edit > Light > Brilliance

I hope you learned something new. I’m still such a rookie when it comes to editing but I’m constantly googling and learning and watching Youtube videos to improve my skills. I suggest you to do the same!

I hope you guys liked it & we will talk again on Thursday because I have another blog post waiting for you!