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Review: Alima Pure mineral makeup

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I have been using mineral makeup for 5 years now. Trying out many different brands eventually led me to products I was really happy about. Just recently I was planning to make a blog post about my all time favorite beauty products but I had to postpone it because there was a big change in my makeup bag. Hint: I discovered something even better.

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The biggest issue I’ve had with mineral makeup is that the result can be powdery & dry. And I’m one of those who’s obsessed with everything radient, glowy & luminous. So when reading the names of Alima Pure products, I was intrigued. Luminous shimmer blush, radient finishing powder, satin matte foundation… Will they work as promised?

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The answer is YES. Honestly, this brand changed my makeup game completely. First application and I was in love! It was just as radient, glowy & luminous as promised.  

Alima Pure is a luxurious mineral makeup brand with products that are crafted from the purest natural ingredients. Their formulas are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and nanoparticles. Also they’ve never tested on animals. I think that says a lot about the brand.

If you haven’t tried any mineral foundations or you’ve had some bad experiences, I suggest you to keep reading!

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Alima Pure Satin Matte foundation is one of their bestsellers and with a reason. First of all it comes in 45 shades which is great for people who are always struggling to find the right one. Because of its hypoallergenic ingredients, it is also suitable for very sensitive skin. I have always struggled with mineral powders making my skin look dry and flakey but this one doesn’t do it! I feel like the name “Satin Matte” is describing the finish very well. For application I like to use a mini kabuki brush and with gentle circular motions I keep applying the product until satisfied with the coverage. It is easily buildable and it has an amazing coverage creating a beautiful base canvas. “Beige 4” is the shade I have but it’s a bit dark for me right now as the summer is almost over and I’m not that tanned anymore. I will go and pick up a lighter shade, so I can mix & match. 

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Alima Pure powder concealer is probably my favorite Alima Pure product. I got already excited when I was just reading the description and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. For me it’s too heavy to use creamy concealer + setting powder underneath my eyes, daily. I don’t need that much coverage. But I do need a little. So this little product is like an answer to my prayers. Think of it as a brightening powder with concealer coverage. But remember that a little goes a looong way with this product. I like to apply it to my chin, nose, between the eyebrows and underneath my eyes. I also love it for cleaning up the contour on my cheeks & making it more precise. It is such a good product! Comes in 4 different shades and I use  “Sand.” I feel like it’s not too dark, too light or too yellow. Just perfect!

Alima Pure Radient finishing powder is my second favorite product of this line. With other mineral makeup brands I haven’t really been into finishing powders. I think of them as another layer on my face. But for the sake of this review I tried out this one and I’m so happy that I did! Like the name says “Radient finishing powder” and this is exactly what it does – it creates a radient base and blends everything together. I use the shade “Augusta” as it is for medium skintones.

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Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer blushes have beautiful pigments with a touch of shimmer. They come in 5 different shades. I picked “Freja” but I also like ”Rosa” & “Leigh.” I feel like a lot of people skip this step but for me blush is a must. After creating this beautiful and flawless base, you need to add some color and depth. Otherwise the result will be very flat. “Freja” creates this naturally blushed look and I love it. If you’re struggling with your skin being too shiny, you can easily just use this blush and skip highlighter as it already has some glow to it.

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Last but not least I tried Alima Pure highlighter in the shade “Whisper.” It is a beautiful beaming highlighter with pink undertones that blend together with rest of the makeup. It just gives a finishing touch. The product is not too powdery or glittery. I use it on top of my cheekbones, on the bridge of my nose, inner corner of the eye, on top of my lips and a little bit on my eyelids aswell.

To talk about how long these products last once applied to the face… well, I could easily go 14 hours without touch-ups (keep in mind that my skin is normal to combination). On hot days I would probably touch-up my t-zone. So, in general I would give 9 out of 10.

That being said, picking out the right shade online can be tricky. So if you’re not sure and want see & touch & smell everything, I suggest you to visit Tradehouse store. And then order online if you would like to get a discount.

By using the code “MUURJA” you get 20% OFF when ordering Alima Pure products from
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Arrivederci, my friends! 🇮🇹

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Season change also brings a change to my beauty rituals. As the weather has gotten a lot colder, my skin has been acting out and showing me that it’s time to ditch mattifying products and start using moisturizing ones.

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People who have followed me for a while might remember a blog post where I was reviewing different products by Sampure Minerals (HERE). Their mineral powder foundation (HERE) is still one of my holy grail products! But it works for my skin only during Spring-Summer. 

Therefore I’m SO happy they finally came out with a Mineral Liquid Foundation (HERE) which means I’m all set for Fall-Winter! Perfect timing!

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I’ve been using it for 5 weeks now and to be honest I’ve had mixed feelings about it. At first I hated it. I thought it was one of the worst foundations I had ever tried. It didn’t blend at all leaving me with patchy and uneven skin. I actually thought about calling it off, this whole collaboration.

But finally I figured out what I was doing wrong – I was applying too much product! Once I realized that, my opinion changed completely. This foundation actually works so well and has such a beautiful & natural finish! Light coverage but easy to build up. It doesn’t clog the pores and when wearing it for 14 hours in a row, you don’t feel like “omg, I can’t wait to wash off my makeup.” Also I think it works very well with Instant Glow Mineral setting powder (HERE) as it makes the skin even smoother!

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Here are some tips to get a good base:

✔️ Start with well moisturized skin. This is without saying the most important step!

✔️ Remember to shake the product.

✔️ Use a flat top kabuki brush or something similar. Beauty blenders/sponges don’t work because it’s an oil based foundation & sponges are all about water. Oil and water don’t mix as you know.

✔️ Don’t apply too much! Trust me on this! 😁

✔️ Use Sampure Minerals setting powder. It sets the foundation and gives you a beautiful & natural finish!

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PS! Using the code “maarjabrenner” gets you 20% OFF from all Sampure Minerals full-priced items when ordering from!


For my Estonian followers: Soovitan minna sel nädalavahetusel (11.-13.10) Ilumessile ja otsida üles Pure Cosmetics’i boks, sest siis saab tooteid oma silmaga näha, uudistada ja katsetada! 😉


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Hey lovelies! We are already in the middle of November and I feel like days are getting busier & busier with the holiday season upon us. In the middle of the week I usually don’t have time to just relax and pamper myself. So, Sundays are perfect for a little home spa, right!?  Read More»

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I usually go all in – bubble bath, masks, scrubs, manicure, pedicure and ofcourse moisturize the hell out of my skin, haha. This time I had my spa night using products from “The Beauty of Nature” gift box by Pure Cosmetics. It would be such a good Christmas gift for my mom, just because she loves taking care of her skin with natural products! 


The box includes 9 of their bestsellers in full size:

EVOLVE Miracle Facial oil

OMA Green Tea Mud mask

BERRICHI Eye cream


SAMPURE MINERALS Eye pencil in black

HOIA säravaht Golden Goddess Body foam

HOIA Lemongrass Body scrub

BONMERITÉ Rejuvenating Hand cream

GOOD BOOM Vegan Lip balm


EVOLVE Miracle Facial oil – During the cold seasons I always go for a facial oil just because I feel like my skin needs that extra hydration which I don’t usually get from a regular moisturizer. EVOLVE Miracle Facial oil works very well for my skin!

OMA Green Tea Mud mask – If you wear makeup on daily basis you know that masking is a very important step in your skincare routine. This one here did a really good job leaving my skin clean & glowy! Yes, I actually saw the glow! Loved it!

BERRICHI Eye cream – At first it looks like one of those silicone based makeup primers but it’s actually very creamy and moisturizing. Very good product to use before under eye concealer for example.

SAMPURE MINERALS Mineral powder – If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I love this product! I was using it for 5 months in a row and stopped just recently when I got back from Paris and realized that the weather was getting colder and my skin was getting more dry. During the winter I will use liquid foundation but in springtime I will go back to this mineral powder 100%! I so-so very much recommend this product!

SAMPURE MINERALS Eye pencil in black – It’s creamy & opaque like one good black eye pencil should be!

HOIA säravaht Golden Goddess Body foam – This was the only product I didn’t really like but I think it depends on a personal preference. The packaging is beautiful and the mousse itself is very luxurious. It feels very good on the skin but the finish was a NO for me – too glittery. If it doesn’t bother you then you will love this product! I just prefer shimmer & glow to glitter. 

HOIA Lemongrass Body scrub – I’ve been using it for a while now because I already had this product among my showering goodies. So, now I’ve got a backup! I think it’s one of the best body scrubs out there + the scent of lemongrass is so soothing in my opinion!

BONMERITÉ Rejuvenating Hand cream – Love this step! BONMERITÉ hand cream has a very pleasent scent and it left my skin silky smooth. Definitely yes!

GOOD BOOM Vegan Lip balm – Ah-maaaazing scent! Apricot & peach – such a good combination and ofcourse it’s supermoisturizing!



I always take advantage of that kind of holiday deals because you can get so much more than you are actually paying for.

This box here is valued for €150 if you’d buy every product separately.

But if you buy it as a holiday set and use my code “MAARJA” it costs €55 + free shipping!


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